PA Senate Passes Energy Choice Bill; House Companion Bill Moves Out Of Committee
On October 27, the Senate passed The Energy Choice bill– Senate Bill 275 (Yaw-R-Lycoming)– by a vote of 35 -15….

PA Senate Passes Resolution To Block Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Regulations; Now Goes To House
On October 27, the Senate voted 32 to 18, just short of a veto-proof margin, to adopt a concurrent resolution to block final DEP regulations from going into effect setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants consistent with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative….

Nacero To Build A Natural Gas – Renewable Natural Gas To Gasoline Production Plant in Luzerne County
On October 29, Nacero Inc. announced plans to build a $6 billion manufacturing facility on the site of a former coal mine in Newport Township and Nanticoke, Luzerne County that will bring thousands of jobs and produce tens of thousands of barrels per day of low and zero lifecycle carbon footprint gasoline made from natural gas and renewable natural gas….

Congressional Update – What’s In/Out Of Revised Biden Build Back Better Plan
Last Week, Congressional Democrats moved closer towards passing President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda by announcing a $1.75 trillion domestic policy package focusing on climate change, healthcare, and tax reform….

Coalition Formed To Strengthen Price Discrimination Law
Yesterday, the National Grocers Association formed the Main Street Competition Coalition to promote competition by strengthening enforcement of the Robinson-Patman Act (“RPA”), the only federal price discrimination law to ensure a level playing field for the benefit of both businesses and consumers….

Bills Introduced In Congress To Study Biofuels vs Electricity
In an effort to expand uses for biofuels, U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-IA) recently introduced the “Comparison of Sustainable Transportation (COST) Act” and the “Biojet Fuel Research Act.”….

PA Capitol Report: Top 10 Stories From Harrisburg Last Week
Here are the Top 10 Stories From Harrisburg last week….


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